MEDIA: Rare Earths Critical to a Clean Energy Future

Mining investment news, insights and company profiles by Colin Sandell-Hay, Contributor – July 12, 2022 Rare Earths Critical to a Clean Energy Future There is some confusion among the general public and mainstream media about critical minerals and rare earth minerals. Critical minerals are specific minerals that have been identified – often by governments – as being critical […]

ELECTREK.CO: Mineral supply-chain disruptions would have long-range impacts on EVs

Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory published research on how the supply chains of rare earth minerals respond to disruptions. This could include natural disasters, labor or trade disputes, construction delays – and pandemics. The team found that mineral supply chain disruptions have long-range impacts that affect the costs and availability […]

Quartz Media: Japan’s global rare earths quest holds lessons for the US and Europe

  In 2010, the Japanese government had a rude wakeup call: Beijing had abruptly cut off all rare earth exports to Japan over a fishing trawler dispute. Tokyo was almost entirely dependent on China for the critical metals, and the embargo exposed this acute vulnerability. The silver lining to this incident, which sent global rare […]

Foreign Policy: Why Rare Earths Are the Key to Just About Everything

They’re not actually that rare, but their importance to almost all modern technologies cannot be overstated. When then-U.S. President Donald Trump offered to buy Greenland in 2019, the world thought—or hoped—he was kidding. “It must be an April Fool’s Day joke … but totally out of [season]!” Lars Lokke Rasmussen, a former Danish prime minister, […]

Investor Intel: Jack Lifton on Rare Earth Supply Chains and Value Chains

  Rare earth sector analysts have finally recognized that a project’s place in a total supply chain is very important to its economic viability. Before a junior mining deposit goes into (usually expensive and time consuming) development into a producing mine there must first be an evaluation of what possible product(s) of that mine are […]

BNN Bloomberg: Biden’s Hopes for Rare Earth Independence at Least a Decade Away

(Bloomberg) — Joe Biden’s ambition to make the U.S. less dependent on other nations for rare earths and minerals critical to the clean energy transition will take years to accomplish. A review of the U.S. critical minerals and rare earths supply chain that the president ordered this week is likely to show that even with […]